7 Must-Have Procurement Apps

Gayatri on December 06, 2019

Typically before going on a business trip, you would pack your laptop to take your work with you. This mindset is slowly changing. Professionals have started to take just their mobile devices along as they can conduct all their work from it.


The shift in procurement 

The world is shifting to automation and digitization to automate processes that were conventionally done manually and to digitize handling of documents. Organizations are experiencing a vast behavioural shift, shift to become more strategic, in attempts to allow procurement teams to focus on how to improve aspects like vendor relations, identifying risks quicker or finding more profitable mechanisms than spending time and energy on manual data entry, getting approvals on POs or matching invoices. 

Many tools to assist in procurement have matured to a point where they have started adding to the clunky chaos caused by paperwork in the form of disconnect databases and spreadsheets. DIY App builder tools are allowing teams to create procurement applications to focus on specific task-based processes and functionalities and cut back the chaos. 


Cloud-based procurement solutions

Procurement team and procurement solution experts have already started leveraging cloud-based solutions to make procurement functions easier and smarter, automating routine and repetitive tasks that are driven by rule-based business logic. Cloud-based procurement/digitization solutions are making it possible to come up with new functionalities and capabilities to enable a new degree of automation.

While most organizations are not amongst the early technology adopters, the emphasis on digital transformation is more now than ever. To take a strong-headed action to discard offline handling of information and simple excel automation, start by developing procurement applications by leveraging the right platforms that take you from point A to B in no time and integrate with all your major procurement functions. 


Here are 7 apps you that must-have for your procurement teams:


1. Supplier list manager

Allow users to create, edit, delete and manage source/supplier list from their mobile devices. They can instantly search and view source list based on selected criteria, such as material, supplier or location details. Connect this app with your enterprise system to obtain records on sources of supply for your PRs or POs. 

2. Purchase Contract Approval App 

Allow end-users to fetch contracts, obtain contract details, compare contracts with new and existing ones, approve them or send to others for further approval/processing.

3. Central Dashboard app 

Give end-users an app to navigate through the information on suppliers, POs, negotiation deals, etc. to obtain insight on key data such as unplanned costs, the status of deliveries, 

4. Job Scheduling for the POs 

Enable stakeholders to schedule jobs and monitor stages such as recurring purchase activities, automatic PO generation from approved PRs, obtaining manager and accounting approvals, scheduling contract agreements, receiving of goods, clearing of invoices and more.

5. Purchase Requisition app 

Allow managers and decision-makers to create new purchase requisitions by obtaining the details about suppliers, available budgets, inventories and more. Allow users to make changes to the data available, manage suppliers and edit existing PR details with right permissions granted to the key stakeholders. Pending PRs can be approved or forwarded to the accounts department for further approvals.

6. Purchase Order app 

Allow users to view approved POs. View comprehensive purchase order information for insights to allow procurement managers and key decision-makers to take proactive procurement decisions. They can enter time, date, location, fetch for unreleased PO documents, pending reviews, view, edit or add relevant PO documents, track order fulfilment statuses, quantities, values and send POs for further approvals and processing.

7. Vendor support app

Give your suppliers/vendors a self-service app to obtain information on approved contracts and payment status. They can fetch updates on their payments using their invoices without depending on the buyer to get the details.


Benefits of Procurement apps

1. Increased oversight over purchasing

Apps allow you to collect and store all data in one single repository and map them to the right stakeholders for improved decision making. They bring all procurement information into sight to ensure that the goods or services being ordered are the right ones and fit the budget and requirements of the organization. 

2. Improved workflow automation

Numerous tasks involved in procurement get streamlined and quickened that are ordinarily complex and require hands-on work. Push notifications, timely reminders, approval requests, data updates, emails and messages concerning purchase requests, orders, invoices and payments can be automated with workflows. If updates are missed or not read instantly, they can be securely dealt with, approved or rejected at a later time.

3. Better supply chain procedures

Businesses with elaborate supply chain operations benefit highly from personalized procurement apps. Approvals can be made on time regardless of the physical location of the approver, logistics can be managed efficiently, orders and shipments can be tracked and purchases can be monitored according to company norms.

4. Streamlined PO generation

With the reduced dependency on too many stakeholders, important purchase requests can be raised and dealt with instantly with simple button clicks and workflows that instantly route the request to the right approver for final processing.

5. Increased coordination within procurement teams

With uniform procurement apps shared within a team, coordination improves as processes can be carried out faster even if procurement members are far apart. A manager can formalize the purchase decision on his end in the app and send alert notification to an employee in the field or working remotely.

6. Reduced delays and dependencies

Apps remove the restriction on managers to remain at the office for reviews and approvals to look over and manage procurement tasks. Manager can perform actions even from afar bringing the whole operation together using the app regardless of his location cutting down the delays due to dependencies.


DronaHQ – your go-to platform to create personalized procurement applications

While most organizations have lost the opportunity to be early technology adopters, not all hope is lost. No code and low code tools are enabling enterprises, big or small, to transform their procurement cycles. Off-the-shelf solutions are no more reliable. Leveraging no-code platforms like DronaHQ, procurement teams can cater to their unique procurement processes with applications created within days.

Cloud-based platform DronaHQ allows organizations to easily manage their entire procurement cycles from purchase requisitions to invoice matching and payments from simple task-based applications that are easy to design, understand and use. DronaHQ offers complete flexibility to build a customized interface for your end-users, be it for the internal procurement team employees or for the external vendors and suppliers. Create workflows, analytics dashboards and reports and more effortlessly without depending on the IT or the DevOps.

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