Woah! We turn 8

It was an early start, Me (Divyesh) and Jinen started Deltecs just 1.5 years after working in Wipro Technologies. We had no idea what a startup is, the struggles associated with it and what we were getting into, and I can now truly say that ignorance is bliss. Circa 2007 we dreamt of building a...
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What’s new with DronaHQ!

We are excited to announce launch of our brand new version of Drona mobile, now DronaHQ. It took us more than expected time to come to this version, but we are glad that we have got it right.We adopted fundamental changes to this version. This is evident right from our architecture of the ..
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DronaHQ is SaaS live!

DronaHQ offers users a do-it-yourself (DIY) experience with free plan to its enterprise mobility platform. Users can create custom business applications in minutes and deploy them across teams, groups or organization. DronaHQ, the quick and easy mobile app platform, is now available as a live, ..
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